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Our Character Set Bundle features our perennial favorite line of kid-approved items designed to help build character strengths, and encourage the same in others. The pins, patches, pencils, and stickers each exhibit one of twenty-four character traits that psychologists have identified to lead to a more meaningful and joy filled life. Highlighted traits include creativity, curiosity, perseverance, honesty, bravery, optimism, and many more!

  • Social Good

  • Reusable

  • Woman Founded

  • Climate Neutral

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  • Each set includes 12 units of each item.
  • Patches measure approx. 2" in diameter. Made from polyester and felt.
  • Patches are iron-on with an adhesive backing, but can be sewn on instead.
  • Pins measure approx. 1" in diameter. Made from zinc alloy with enamel coating.
  • Pins attach easily with a secured rubber back. Intended for children 6+, adult supervision encouraged.
  • Stickers measure approx. 2" in diameter. Made from polyvinyl.
  • Pencils are made from basswood and graphite. Lead free.
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