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We can all take steps to reduce our carbon footprint, and offsets are an immediate action that we can take to counteract our individual impact on the planet. Calculating that footprint and offsetting it can admittedly be a bit intimidating, so Boon is here to make it as simple as possible! With this purchase you'll offset 0.5 metric tons of carbon.

Boon purchases these carbon offsets in the form of tree planting and carbon sequestering directly from Pachama - an expert in leveraging data, artificial intelligence, and automation to protect ecosystems, restore forests, and improve carbon markets. Each offset can negate significant emissions caused by anything from a 5 hour airplane flight to 2 months of an average person’s food consumption!

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  • Each 0.5 metric ton offset negates emissions from one of the following: a 5 hour airplane flight, 1 months of heating and cooling an average home, 2 months of driving a gas powered car, or 2 months of an average person’s food consumption
  • We highly suggest Conservation International’s Carbon Footprint Calculator, which allows you to measure your impact in under two minutes
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Pachama uses innovative technology to monitor and measure forest carbon projects, making them a highly respected source for certified carbon offsets. Each offset supports a project they have carefully vetted to ensure that it reduces carbon, restores wildlife and supports local communities.