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$500 Direct Donation


80% Giveback

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The simplest way to maximize the good, Boon Direct Donations empower you to easily send funds to the cause you care about most. Just select the donation level that works for you, and we’ll add that amount minus necessary fees directly to your cause’s earnings.

  • Social Good

  • Climate Neutral

  • Zero-Waste Delivery

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  • Skip the shipping and send the good directly to your cause
  • No waste, no carbon, no delay
  • Can be added to your purchase or purchased alone
  • Select the level that works for you — see all levels

Give More Good

Direct Donation

80% to the Cause of Your Choice

Boon is excited to offer direct donation, making it easier than ever to give more good. After the necessary fees, 80% of each donation is securely transferred to the cause of your choice. Maximum give back, minimal effort.