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Set of 2 Eco-Friendly Sponges


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Our zero-waste, eco-friendly sponges are the perfect alternative to plastic dish sponges. Crafted from spongy, absorbent wood pulp on one side and loofah on the reverse to help lather and scrub.

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    • Durable: tough for stubborn dirt and safe to use on non-stick cookware, copper and stainless steel, glassware, and much more
    • 100% compostable and biodegradable
    • Non-scratch
    • Quick-drying

    Care Tips 

    • Dry completely between uses
    • Boil in water to kill bacteria
    • Avoid soaking in water
    • Place away from high heat or flames


    • Cut in small pieces before composting
    • Loofah can also be used like coconut fibre in the garden, as it is excellent at water retention, growing seedlings, creating a potting mix, and pest resistance
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