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We've partnered with Outschool, an innovative education platform that hosts a variety of engaging small-group online classes, to offer a $30 pass to use throughout their site. While we invite you to apply your pass to any of the over 140,000 classes in Outschool's library, we are excited to highlight a few of the over 20,000 Cooking & Life Skills courses they offer on this page. The curriculm of each course is designed to establish essential life skills - from cooking and baking to personal finance and character building.

Our highlighted courses provide excellent tools for personal development: the 'Mini Chefs + Bakers' ongoing course teaches students how to make something new and delicious each week (and is even suitable for those with allergies and picky palates!); 'Pre-K & Kindergarten Circle Time Mania' is held each weekday by an experienced early childhood education teacher who teaches a mix of academic and social skills through fun interactions; 'Grow it, Pick it, Eat it!' is a weekly gardening club where young growers engage in discussions surrounding edible gardens and work together to find solutions to common problems; and, 'Social Skills & Character Building: Learn, Laugh & Grow' imparts confidence through brainstorming, problem-solving and teamwork.

Several class formats are offered - from one-time enrichment lessons, to semester-long courses and weekly social clubs. Outschool's variety offers essential building blocks for becoming the most well-rounded learners possible!

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  • Immediately following purchase, you will receive an email with a code to redeem your $30 sitewide pass directly on Outschool's website
  • Outschool's classes start at $5, and pass can be applied to the course(s) of your choice
  • Classes are designed for learners of various age ranges between 3 - 18
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About Outschool

Empowering over a million learners.

Outschool is an innovative education platform that offers over 140,000 engaging, small-group classes online. Outschool classes range from one-time enrichment lessons to semester-long core courses, giving kids unique opportunities to explore their interests in-depth via interactive lessons with experienced, independent educators.