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Experience a New Way to Give Back.

Welcome to Boon, a thoughtful marketplace of goods, experiences, carbon offsets and direct donation that give back up to 80% to your favorite cause.

At our core is an unwavering set of values centered on people and planet: our North Star is creating impact everywhere and we have only just begun. Together with our sister company, Boon Supply, we have given back over $102M to date.

Our goal is to disrupt the fundraising industry with the best technology and items and experiences that go lightly on our planet - while making it as easy as possible to raise money for any cause. At checkout you and your supporters actively share your impact by selecting the donation to go to the cause you care about most. It feels good to do good!

In 2021 we became Climate Neutral certified, a first step in reducing our footprint and doing our part to protect the planet.

Every decision we make matters, and we're here to make the most intentional ones. Whether you're passionate about learning, donating directly, eliminating single-use plastic or offsetting your carbon footprint, we support you.

Let's give more good together.

Lily Kanter, CEO and Founder of Boon Market

Lily Kanter is the CEO and Founder of Boon Market, our Climate Neutral certified marketplace of goods and experiences that gives back to causes that matter most.

Fueled by her belief that impact is the future of commerce, Lily founded Boon Market as a place for partners and customers to easily participate in a virtuous circle of creating positive impact through conscious living.

Lily co-founded the furniture lifestyle brand Serena & Lily in 2004 and since then has been an active voice in reimagining capitalism and consumption. A longtime social entrepreneur, Lily earned the cover spot of Time Magazine as a “New Philanthropist” in July 2000 and was named one of Town & Country’s Top 50 Philanthropists in 2018.

She has 30 years of experience in the business and technology fields and worked in management positions for Microsoft, Deloitte & Touche, and IBM. She helped to create the first Microsoft flagship retail store earning her the Chairman’s Award from Bill Gates in 1999.

Lily is a Wexner Heritage Fellow as well as a Henry Crown Fellow from the Aspen Institute. She and her husband, Marc, live between the big island of Hawaii and Northern California with their three teenage boys.

About Boon

How it Works

About Our Values

What does it mean to create impact, to shop goods that do good? We know that little things add up to a big difference, which is why we work hard to define our own stance on goodness. Alone, each value stands for something—a step forward for the planet, our health, or the good of our community—but together, our values represent a big step forward for our team, our customers, and our incredible partners around the world. But this is just the beginning. With passion on our side, and high standards for ourselves and our partners, we can’t wait to live these values in new ways in the months and years to come. While no two Boon partners are the same, each brings their own take on what it means to do good for people + our planet and that’s something we can get behind.

Reusable - Boon is committed to reducing our collective footprint to keep our earth cleaner and greener. Take your own planet-friendly step with items that eliminate single-use plastics—from reusable kitchenware to refillable deodorant and drinks on the go.

Social Good - The heart of Boon is giving back and the products we label as Social Good give back the most. We assign this value to products with a 40% give back to the cause that matters most to you, or to items from brand partners committed to donating a portion of sales to causes close to their hearts (in addition to a 10% give back to the cause that matters most to you).

Woman Founded - Boon Founder & CEO, Lily Kanter, has been starting her own businesses since she was eight years old and believes that entrepreneurship is a creative and fulfilling way to build purpose and meaning. We have curated products from brands led by inspiring and impactful women who are doing their part in changing the world for the better.

Ethically Made - These partners prioritize the well-being of their makers by ensuring safe and healthy working environments and fair pay. While certifications can oftentimes be challenging for small businesses to obtain, we have had thorough conversations with the people behind each brand that have left us confident that they always have the artisans best interests at heart.

Climate Neutral - Boon is committed to being a part of the climate change solution, and we believe that being Climate Neutral Certified is an essential step in that direction. Goods with this designation are either from our own line, for which we measured and offset our footprint, or from one of the 300+ other Climate Neutral Certified brands.

Zero-Waste Delivery - In an effort to be kinder to our planet, we’ve built a collection of virtual goods and experiences. Since this assortment doesn’t need to be shipped, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying instant gratification.