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Impact, everywhere: that’s our vision. Causes big and small can use your help. It’s easy to start and feels amazing to support your community.

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Simple Setup

Create a fundraiser with a beautiful custom result in minutes. Just answer a few simple questions, and your fundraiser will be live and immediately ready to help you achieve your goals. Tell your fundraising story your way - for any cause, big or small.

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Better Together

When people get together and rally around a cause that matters most to them, the possibilities are endless. Harness the power of community, create a team and work together to get the word out. Friendly competition driven by real-time prizes and badges keeps everyone maximizing earnings. We’ll provide guidance on the best next steps for success and you immediately earn points and badges for completing those steps.

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Good Everywhere

There are 4 main ways for friends & family to support your cause. Shop eco-friendly items like waste-free lunch items or reusable tote bags. Explore over 140,000 engaging virtual experiences that teach you anything you can imagine. Donate directly. Offset your carbon footprint. However your supporters choose to give, 40%-80% will go directly to your cause.

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