boon (def.)

Something very beneficial or helpful
$102,315,428 donated to date

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We believe impact can happen in many forms. That’s why on Boon, every purchase - big or small - gives back. Boon delivers three times the impact with goods that were chosen with people and planet in mind + give back to the cause that matters most to you.

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New! Outschool Class Pass

New! Outschool Class Pass

Boon Market has partnered with Outschool to deliver live online education experiences that connect real-life teachers with learners in small-group settings to discover and explore their passions. With over 140,000 classes - from arts, cooking, science, to sports, computers, and much more - there is something for every young learner!

Outschool Class Passes
Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

We all create a carbon footprint with our modern lifestyle - the cars we drive, the food we eat, the homes we live in, and the ways we travel all have an impact on the Earth.

Carbon offsets are an immediate action that we can take to counteract our individual impact on the planet, and Boon is here to make it as simple as possible!

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Shop to Support Your Cause

Shop to Support Your Cause

With Boon, every purchase - big or small - gives back to the cause that matters most to you. We’ve curated a collection of products and experiences that empower you to give back, while treading lightly on the Earth.

So far, we’ve donated over $102 Million to causes that community members like you care about. Let’s give more good, together.

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Certified Climate Neutral

We are proud to be Certified Climate Neutral! We partnered with Climate to measure our carbon emissions, purchase carbon credits to offset our entire footprint, and create strategies to reduce future emissions. We’re committed to doing better every day and wholeheartedly believe that companies and consumers can come together to tackle climate change. Climate is everything.

Climate Neutral
Climate Neutral
Climate Neutral