boon (def.)

Something very beneficial or helpful
$102,271,208 donated to date

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We believe impact can happen in many forms. That’s why on Boon, every purchase - big or small - gives back. Boon delivers three times the impact with goods that were chosen with people and planet in mind + give back to the cause that matters most to you.

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New! Home Accessories

New! Home Accessories

At Boon Market, we’re all about doing better. Shopping for good, giving when you can, and stepping up to support causes you believe in.

Discover new home decor and accessories from partners who are doing all kinds of good - and at checkout give back to the cause that matters most to you.

Home Accessories
Doing More Good, Together

Doing More Good, Together

Introducing Boon Experiences: interactive online workshops, conversations, and classes on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Climate & Conservation and Global Cooking. They're good for the planet (no waste), good for you (learning never gets old), and good for your community (they give back 40% to the cause of your choice).

New Experiences added monthly. Invite your friends and join us!

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Share Your Impact

Share Your Impact

Raising money is hard.

Shopping is simple.

Why not make it as easy to give as it is to buy? At Boon, every purchase - big or small - gives back to the cause that matters most to you.

We want to ensure that your values and your dollars make their mark. While shining a spotlight on partners and causes across the globe, we hope you see the impact we can have.

Together, we can maximize your unique giveback footprint and the total positive impact of the Boon Community. So far we have donated over $101 Million to causes that our community cares about. Let’s give more good, together.

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Certified Climate Neutral

We are proud to be Certified Climate Neutral! We partnered with Climate to measure our carbon emissions, purchase carbon credits to offset our entire footprint, and create strategies to reduce future emissions. We’re committed to doing better every day and wholeheartedly believe that companies and consumers can come together to tackle climate change. Climate is everything.

Climate Neutral
Climate Neutral
Climate Neutral